Child Education and Support Program (CESP) Activities Child Education and Support Program (CESP) Activities

Child Education and Support Program (CESP)

Child Education and Support Program (CESP) Uganda, like many sub-Saharan African countries, faces major challenges in providing quality and accessible basic education to children and adolescents. Early learning and development is compromised by the lack of pre-schools and other early childhood development (ECD) programmes and qualified teachers, as well as limited awareness and appreciation of the importance of ECD. One out of every 10 children between 3 and 5 years of age is enrolled in pre-primary education. Attendance at primary level has grown due to a universal primary education policy launched in 1997 but the quality of teaching and learning needs significant improvement. Teacher absenteeism is high in Uganda, with more than 60 per cent of teachers not in the classroom teaching in over half of all Ugandan public schools. Many children do not complete their schooling nor have the competencies needed to do well in life. Only 1 in 4 children who starts primary school makes it to secondary school.


1. Affordable Education for all needy kids & Orphans.
2. Provide basic needs (Scholastic, Shelter, medical Meals) to needy kids & orphans.
3. Providing a home, Guardians, and mentorship to needy kids & orphans.
4. Providing a Godly upbringing to the needy & orphans.

Activities under this Programme

This Program activities are still being worked on and will be available very soon
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